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Government Contracting

Cody Tosi LLC is a recognized Service disabled veteran owned small business. We have experience with aviation government contracting in most fields and we specialize in aerial photography and pipeline/power line patrols.

Transportation and storage


FAA part 91 operations

  • We have flown helicopters, under a greater variety of conditions, over more of the continental United States than most civilian helicopter operators.

  • Experienced FAA part 91 operator

  • 135 operator under construction estimated to be completed before 2020

  • Skydiving

  • Pipeline patrols

  • Aerial photography

  • Ferrying aircraft

  • Electronic news gathering

  • Tours

  • Drones

  • Other

Flight Instruction

Flight instructor with over 2500 hours. 100% pass rate. R44//R22/Bell 206/Schweitzer 300 flight instructor certified. 

love to flight instruct and always looking to take on new students.

if your looking to get your private or just go joy riding we are probably not for you. we are focused on giving people a career or making them safer more competent pilots. 

PVT, Commercial, CFI, Instrument, CFII, ATP


any other endeavor

Any organisation or individual we get involved with sees drastic improvement in every aspect of there operation. From training and consulting to skydiving and coaching we are we are extremely adaptable and ready to take on any mission. 

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