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Aviation Company

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Improving the standards of the aviation industry.

Government contractor specializing in all aspects of aviation, sales, acquisitions, and refurbishment.

OUR Purpose

Our purpose is to launch organizations and individuals to higher standards through training, motivation, leadership, and setting a determined, high quality example. 


"Cody came to KC Copters in the spring of 2014 as a flight instructor and safety pilot with an ENG operation here in Kansas City. At that time we were embarking on an off site affiliation with a regional University to provide flight instruction through our part 141 Flight School. He was instrumental in setting up the Program, and was the leader on site in regards to day to day operations. He not only excelled in his organizational skills and initiative, but he established a great rapport with the students and faculty of the University.

As far as his character and the ability to accept responsibility, Cody never turned away from a difficult task or situation. His signature response to anything I asked him to handle was, "I'm on it". Upon hearing that I could rest assured that whatever I had assigned him to would not only be handled, but would be taken care of to full completion.

Perhaps his strongest asset was his willingness to hold himself totally accountable. When things didn't go quite right, or if something was delayed, he never made excuses nor blamed anyone else. On those rare occasions he always stepped up, and typically doubled down to make whatever corrections were necessary to make it right.

It was great to have Cody as a part of the KC Copters team, and I know that wherever he lands he will be a great asset, and someone who can certainly be counted on."


Johnny Rowlands

Owner / Operator KC Copters



Cleveland, Ohio





(623) 297-2176


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